In a world where ephemeral things and counter-current ideas prevail, there are well-known groups such as Cuatro Vientos, a band with argentine roots which has 25 years of experience. The group is composed by Diego Maurizi, Jorge Polanuer, Julio Martínez and Leo Heras, the four saxophonists we have now the pleasure to talk with.

FLIC Thank you for giving us this interview and congratulations on such a long career. What is the secret for going on of 25 years? have you had many hard times?

Diego I think the secret is to keep renewing this compromise between having fun with our music and entertaining at the same time, always trying to do our best. Sometimes our path seems to be very clear and it gives us happiness, enthusiasm and euphoria. In other cases it becomes difficult due to serious problems or to the presence of obstacles.

FLIC 25 years have passed since your very beginning. Which aspects have changed with the passing of time?

Diego The musical maturity which is reflected in good functioning of the group has changed. We created a scenic language and, at that time, we became a reference for many young people; the same people who nowadays are musicians. Our way of working emphasized playing music in the best way possible: Treating children as intelligent human beings and considering them as a great audience, having concerts and performing in an unstructured way.

FLIC Now you are presenting “Música en Movimiento”. What can the audience expect during your performance?

Diego It’s a show that includes a repertoire we like very much, eclectic as ever, with humor and choreographies. It deals with a continuous movement on stage and it establishes a relationship between the audience and the artist. The show comes to a mutual arrangement with funny and participative pauses, putting together 25 years of musical activity.

FLIC Could we say that, after seeing some of your performances, concerts are one of your strengths? Do you prefer live performances or recording in the studio?

Diego They are two different experiences with different satisfactions and needs. The audience gives this constant variety and the sensation of their presence. Maybe our most selfish side would like to hear a burst of applause and laugh, which we can’t have directly during a recording session, but playing a live gig gives us the opportunity to understand what is really happening on stage. It’s something magical!

FLIC You are a group of musicians who play different musical styles, from jazz, blues, rock and also movie songs. Which kind of style do you feel most comfortable with?

Diego The style depends on the place and moment. It keeps you very close or far from people. Sometimes it happens you are very excited with a particular style but the audience is absent. Consequently, the communication fails and you feel useless.

FLIC What is the secret in your music to preserve optimism?

Diego We always know we undertake a mission and when, at the end of the show we see our audience, a part of our work is done. The main advantage of live performances is that they have a boomerang effect: after some  time, you can see the results of your efforts in many places with many touching testimonials.