Ladislaw Starewicz was one of the pioneers of stop-motion technique animation. The Russian filmmaker of the beginning of the XX th Century devoted his life to making short films with dead insects he moved with his hands. It sounds strange, but when you read it again, it gets stranger still.

His most popular work was The Cameraman’s revenge  (1912). The full version is available on Youtube and it deals with the following theme:

Mr.Grasshopper, a cameraman, is shooting Mr. Beetle and his lover Mrs. Drangonfly, in order to show the result in a local cinema where Mrs. Beetle is in the audience That’s because insects also have a little heart. Next time you’ll think twice before treading on them.

Joking aside, while watching the short film you can easily understand why Starewicz was so popular at the time and why he’s a subject of study in many universities today. As a matter of fact, Starewicz was so thrilled about his work that he decided to shoot the second part, but it is said that success went straight to Mr Beetle’s head and he asked for a exaggerated sum of money.

As you could have imagined, Starewicz didn’t have so many women during his life, but people say (although there is no evidence) that he did have some dates.

What would it be like to date Starewicz ?

Starewicz and a girl are chatting in a restaurant:

Girl: You are very clever Ladislaw. Can I call you Ladi?

Starewicz: If you like.

The Girl is laughing heartily. Vodka is taking effect.

Girl: What do you do?

Starewicz: Well…ehm. I’m a filmmaker.

Girl: Cinema? How fascinating!

Starewicz: Of course it is!

Girl: (flirting) You could put me in one of your films… Do you think I’d do it well?

Starewicz: Sure! I didn’t think about it before… but a human being and a cockroach…it could work.

The Girl changes her expression, confused.

Girl: What?

Starewicz: Well… I shoot with insects…dried insects.

Girl: Yes, of course. You must be joking Ladi!

Starewicz: No, I’m serious. It’s extraordinary! Just imagine that now you have a fly in your plate. I could shoot a film in which you find it and you yell…

Girl: Oh, my God. You are talking seriously!

Starewicz:…and then the fly jumps out of your soup and complains about your shouting, like this, pointing at you with its arm. It would be superb!

Girl: Well… It’s getting late. I’m sorry, I have to go.

The Girl stands up.

Starewicz: Why are you leaving? Have I done something wrong?

Girl: No, no. Everything was perfect…

Starewicz: Can I send you a carrier pigeon in order to meet another day?

Girl: No, no! I’ll send it to you.