If there is something that globalization gives us every day, it is to be able to share from any corner of the world what we are, what we are thinking and doing. Ignacio Lehman is an unknown young man who one day had an idea, initiative and great enthusiasm to carry out this project of kisses, which is spreading fast on the Internet.

It is about a collection of portraits of kisses in different cities in the world. “Taking photos of kisses moves me, excites me, and thrills me. It fills me with energy and force. It is inspiring for me and it makes me feel good.  I don’t want to ever give it up”- says Ignacio on the website of the project.

besos 3 besos 2

The simplicity of the project is inversely proportional to the force that the kisses transmit. Therefore it is not strange that it has more than 47000 followers. But besides, it has a PayPal account through which you can help this young man to keep travelling and doing portraits of kisses. A job that everybody would drool over.