* – Adam, I think I’m pregnant…
– Are you sure it’s mine?

Stress, corruption, violence, diseases, natural disasters, absurd accidents…

Adam, and specially his wife, have always carried the blame for our entanglements, betraying God’s trust and confining us to this pseudo-hell pre-paradise. And beyond the metaphor, whatever Eva’s transgression may be, the oldest legend of creation in the West still sounds a bit far-fetched. Especially when that same story explains, between the lines, the real reason for our sorrows.

Adam and Eve, Ruben and Claire if you prefer, the first man and the first woman, alone in heaven to start one of the most fascinating species of creation.

But what can be expected of a race that in its first 3 or 4 generations was forced to grow based on incest, questionable or not, although necessary? And aren’t we in fact all descendants of this procreating party?
What’s amazing about this revelation is that doesn’t it explain in a much simpler, logical and unquestionable way today’s phenomenon? Imagine the smile of a politician who knows the limitations of his campaign promises but doesn’t tell them, while he salutes his voters, proud, successful, demagogue… It is the product of incest. Doesn’t that explain it all? Imagine in the same way the zeal of the naïve voter, clapping his hands jubilant and happy for his recent victory… It is the product of incest. A big part of that behaviour that can be observed every day in today’s society, whether low and cruel or noble and heroic, can be explained in some way by one of the most commonly known legends, but interpreted correctly.

What really draws attention is that it would have been enough if a single corrupt person had written the story at some point, with this new and logical explanation, for everyone to know that no one is as evil as they look, but only a victim. Imagine the politician again, this time sitting in front of a jury: “- remember that we were given a country already in ruins… and that I am the product of incest.”

Maybe in that precise moment the corrupt person didn’t have what was necessary; maybe the shame of admitting the sad origins of his species was bigger. Or maybe the corrupt person wasn’t that corrupt, and with a noble gesture he sought to maintain the innocence of humanity, much like a child we let believe Santa Claus is real.

But we have come to the point where innocence starts to turn into ignorance. Because it’s such a fascinating theory, that even the most sceptic see their paradigms shake when they think about it and say: “The person who wrote this must be the product of incest.”