The concept of social networks goes beyond the four we all know, we talk about the socialization of people, experiences, tastes, emotions, and of course, social consumption such as music and television. In the end everything is connected, all networks connect to form the social world we know.

The music and television industries have seen it clearly and have started to develop their social platforms of consumption. Or to put it another way, new generations have seen that this was the way to go for these two powerful industries because the business model that they exercised died a long time ago.

Yomvi, Netflix, Spotify are the clearest and most developed examples so far. In music, Spotify has stood up to music piracy and is winning. Its business model based on subscription, advertising and purchasing the music itself is having remarkable success. Spotify is also social, the experience of music is shared by users in their social networks.

In the world of television, the forefront of what is about to come belongs to YOMVI, Canal +, and NETFLIX, audiovisual material online viewing platforms. They work by subscription, for a monthly fee you have access to a library of thousands of titles to download or view online, anytime, anywhere and available for tablets and smartphones. These platforms are obviously social, the experience and content of what is consumed being shared in the users’ social networks. It is perfect marketing in a socialized society.