The audiovisual fans are getting ready: Madrid Fashion Film Festival (Madrid FFF) opens its doors to offer innovation and creativity on the big screen. The event, whose mission is to promote the work of the professionals of cinema, fashion and publicity, provides the opportunity for the new talented people to see their works valued at the hands of a jury expert in the subject.

Madrid FFF was born with the desire of showing the changing reality of the audiovisual world and the inclusion of brands into this new commercial format. José Murciano, the director of the festival, defines it as “a live project that hopes to keep on evolving to be adapted to the different realities of the industry and the market, always with the same aim: to highlight the latest tendencies of the international outlook in the visual language and the communication of fashion highlighting the value of Spanish professionals”.

Madrid FFF will take place in the Spanish capital city from October 28 to November 3 in the Cineteca del Matadero, Madrid. It is banking on fashion film, a new genre that supposes the evolution and adaptation of new tendencies and the internet. So much so that the brands have noticed possibilities that this new genre provides to the present communication and they haven’t hesitated to use it.

If  listening to the words like communication, technology, publicity and fashion you feel identified, you will want to go to the Madrid Fashion Film Festival. The most film buffs have been already registered and have sent their free-topic work, inspired by fashion. The participants to the festival can enjoy a wide variety of works presented in two categories: Professional Awards, for those professionals who have had paid works in the sector, and New Talent Award, for talented young people and students.

This autumn promises to be the season with the most international festival of Madrid. Get updated about fashion film, the genre that has captivated the audiences in Paris, New York, Berlin or Tokyo and let you be captivated by the beauty of the images. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy yourself in Madrid FFF. Who knows –you might be the next one to be inspired.