On Foursquare experiences are shared, something that is in fashion now.  This social network is designed for businesses which focus on the public and the relationship with their clients. You share your personal experience of a business premise, your contacts on your Foursquare receive it and share it so at the same time it is being indirectly promoted.

The business is interested in people who enter to make a checking and share it with their online friends, leading to an impact, both positive and negative. Actually, the business doesn’t participate in this process, which is between the users. The business premise can prepare its page on Foursquare with relevant information, photos, status updates, comments…

When you send an update, it is shown on three sites:

  • In the Google location of the business premise.
  • In the tab of your business site friends.
  • In the updates of your profile.

Businesses can encourage the participation with promotions, which is the key of the issue. The business premise launches a promotion through Foursquare, and users who have made the checking at some point, who are physically close to the premise or are looking for a business premise with those characteristics in Google, see the promotion and can share it with their contacts. For example, the promotion of the day, a product with 20% off, reaches the followers, they find it interesting and share it…

Foursquare, a fun and practical and not at all intrusive social network: we like Foursquare!