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A Bicycle shop, a 24-hour parking space and a bicycle repair shop: this is the definition of My beautiful Parking with utilities, good prices and fashion come together to lead this company. Born in Barcelona five years ago, My Beautiful Parking has undergone many changes over time. A German with a science degree in theater and film and a former Chilean journalist were the architects of this project that evolved until they adapted to market needs and established themselves as a leading company.

The initial idea was to create a bicycle park, and later it became a bike rental business, then a bicycle repair shop, and finally, a store specializing in urban cycling. In the beginning, My Beautiful Parking had three floors, the basement as a parking space, the middle floor for bike rentals and at the top there was a store. With the growth and the good response from customers, the business grew and currently it has two stores.

The creators of My Beautiful Parking are defined as urban lovers, with a classic and vindictive touch. What started as a vague idea has been shaped into a solid company specializing in fixed gear bikes. All products are customized, which makes each bike very special. The customer can choose the pieces and colors that best suit their needs, and they can express their personality or scale down to maximize their product to needs or economy. In this way the bike that each person purchases becomes totally unique and personalized to the smallest detail.

The star product which My Beautiful Parking specializes in is the fixed-gear bicycle, a style that is setting trends today. These bikes are noted for their comfort and ease, and enjoy the advantage that they don´t require additional parts. The operation is easy and the force that you generate creates an inertia that is returned all the time, which makes pedaling much more bearable than with any other type of bicycle. Or so they say. In short, this simplicity doesn´t require brakes or gears, and pedals are in constant motion.

In My Beautiful Parking you can have your custom bike within a week, with an average cost of about 590 euros. In addition, they also have a hire service of city bikes, tandems, mountain bikes and pinions so that the product meets customer needs. However, the contribution of My Beautiful Parking to the sport is not limited only to the assembly of the bikes, but the company promotes the closed circuit racing bicycle. Currently they are organizing an event in Gijón, one of the biggest races nationwide.

If you are looking for a guided tour, in My Beautiful Parking you will be advised on the best route according to specialized guides. You can rent a bicycle for 2 euros and enjoy a two-hour journey with whoever you want and at the best price. Without a doubt, this business is working for you and you can purchase a bike, rent it or use the parking lot to keep your bike safe. There´s no excuse for walking around Barcelona and missing doing a sport that is one of the latest trends. My Beautiful Parking is fashion.