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I Love Cookies is a very sweet project based on creative confectionery cared down to the last detail. Its eagerness to innovate and grow day after day has turned this company into a great idea for those who want to sweeten an important date with delicious desserts.

I Love Cookies is formed by bakery professionals who daily reinvent themselves to offer totally handmade and quality products, betting on creativity and fantasy in their creations. Confectionery and sugarcraft break patterns to give place to freedom of movement, game of colours, textures and delicious cakes that you can’t ignore.

This magic and creative project also offers you the possibility of learning while creating… They offer a wide variety of courses on biscuits, cupcakes or pies for beginners or people who love sweet things on an advanced level. Confectionery classes are taught in the neighbourhood of Gracia, they last from two to four hours and the price is between 35 and 60 euros.

There is no excuse for those who really love sweets. In I Love Cookies there are infinite possibilities to sweeten birthday parties, communions, weddings, Father’s or Mother’s days, a romantic Valentine with your partner or an afternoon with the children. If you want to know more about the world of confectionery, access www.ilovecookies.es and let yourself be captivated by the shapes and colours of the sweets that will conquer your eyes and your palate.