Crepitante_post2Until the 20th of March the exhibition Crepitante, by the Galician artist Andrés Magán, can be visited in the  Watdafac Gallery, a space located in the heart of Madrid.

Andrés Magán’s work is greatly influenced by comics, discipline in which the artist has been developing since the very beginning of his career. His illustrations introduce you to a world full of ironic rebellion that he has achieved through deformed and playful figures.

Magán has participated in several exhibitions, in Galicia as well as in the rest of Spain, “Centro Torrente Ballester de Ferrol”, and in cities such as London, at Stanley Picker Gallery.

Watdafac Gallery is located in the heart of Madrid, on the sixth floor of Gran Vía 26, and from where observing art becomes an experience beyond mere contemplation.

Specialized in publications, and always with an eye on the illustration, the gallery sets its spiritual basis in punk culture and outsider art, and despite its short history it has already been acknowledged in contests as significant as the NY Art Book Fair.