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Books and wine. Behind this combination of words, products, and above all, hobbies, is hidden Tipos Infames, a Madrilenian meeting point for literature lovers who enjoy it more adding to it a first-rate glass of wine.

This establishment, located in the center of Malasaña and born from the passion of its creators, offers a selection of literary works with an independent character as well as the possibility of uncorking in situ part of its elaborate collection of wines.

With a modern look, a high ceiling filled with shelves and a truly cozy atmosphere, it puts together wine tastings, exhibitions, and course or workshop presentations.

A bookshop and a wine cellar, without forgetting that it is also a café six days a week. The real purpose is to convert the act of reading into an art form and any excuse is valid to attend, alone or with someone, with a simple requirement: love for books, for wine, or for both.

We got in touch with the infamous creators of this peculiar concept of bookshop in order to ask them which titles they would recommend this year, and this was their answer:

Joe Sacco: The Great War (Mondadori) In case you did not know, this year is the –sad- anniversary of the 1st World War. And from this waterfall of titles waiting for us we want to save this album that illustrator Joe Sacco dedicates, with painfully real strokes, to the battle of the Somme, one of the most dramatic episodes in the fight.

Marta Sanz: Daniela Astor and the black box (Anagrama) Not a novelty in its strict sense, but it is one of the essential books of this last year and everybody has to read it. And with greater emphasis if it helps us to understand the dramatic spiral which women who decided to use their own bodies got into, something that we should not forget in these moments of Gallardón and pallium. However, this is only one of the perspectives in this book which has something of the character of a device, an explosive device.

Íñigo Dominguez: Crónicas de la Mafia (Libros del K.O.) Another book about the mafia!? No. This one promises to be THE BOOK about the most famous illicit association of all times. And that is because the walk around the mafia family tree that the author proposes reaches the current post-berlusconism and shows us the connections of the old cruise entertainer with the Cosa Nostra and so on. And if you are still not completely convinced, it will also delight the cinephiles…

Yves Bonnefoy: El territorio interior (L’Arrière-pays) (Sexto Piso) Bonnefoy, one of our most beloved poets, makes a very personal reading of the Renaissance. And that way, image after image, the Frenchman not only talks about Tuscan art, but also gives us insight into his own work through the history of this fascination. A true delight.

So we can only say that either sour, sweet or bitter, with a fruity or maybe woodsy touch, enjoy and take pleasure in reading.


If you want to visit Tipos Infames:
San Joaquín street number 3, Madrid
Metro Tribunal
Timetable Monday to Saturday from 11 to 15 and from 17 to 22:30