Apart from moving us, films can also be that indiscrete window (immortalized by the master Hitchcock) that allows the ignorant to discover images that otherwise would be hidden from their view. In this sense, the debut of Rama Burshtein could not be more significant. Always in the background, without trying to preach or teach, the Israeli director shares with the audience the customs of an ultraorthodox Jewish community of Tel Aviv, which she also belongs to. With stimulating photography (Asaf Sudri), Lemale et ha’lalal (Fill the void) goes beyond religion and always places the narrative first. A simple but moving story inspired by a conversation that the director heard in the street between a stranger and a friend which tells a love story between a widower and his sister-in-law. Shira Mendelman (Hadas Yaron) has to decide at the age of 18 whether to marry her handsome brother-in-law Yochay (Yiftach Klein) before an insistent mother who doesn’t see a better wife for her recently widowed son-in-law than her other daughter.

A brilliant interpretation by Hadas Yaron for which he won the Volpi Cup as Best Actress for her leading role. At the same Venice Mostra festival, where the film premiered two years ago, the first film by Burshtein was also awarded the SIGNIS-special mention. A year later Burshtein won the Carlo di Palma in the European Film Awards, making him one of the directors to be taken into account in the international scene.

Released in Spain: May 16th