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Daily thoughts are freely shared on the Internet, but few with as much guileless depth as the Czech artist Klara Grancicova. In fresh daily posts on her blog Klara somehow communicates much with an economy of words and drawing. It’s easy to make the simple complicated, but to articulate the complicated clearly is not easy at all. Combined with words the abstract images gain potency, seen consecutively in a trail leading back to last year and you begin to feel like you’ve had access to, then can assimilate a new language to describe a particular wave of thought. Klara explains more…

FLIC: Tell me about your daily drawings project?
KLARA: They have functioned as my visual journal. It’s my way of taking notes, reflecting. I think in abstract images and the drawings are a tangible extension of that process. I have been making them since I was very young but I would always wait for the perfect image to appear – when the picture and the words would pop in my head at the same time as a finished product. Which of course was very unproductive. So I started the daily ritual to push myself to make something everyday and gain some sort of a momentum. 

Is it a process of leading towards another work or are they works in themselves?
Both. They are works in themselves and some of them also serve as a point of departure for further projects. Everything I make starts with a drawing but not every drawing evolves to something else.

Louise Bourgeois believed that making art is the process of giving tangible form to, and then exorcising and gripping subconscious states of being’, I can’t help but see a parallel between you drawings and some of her prints, do you agree with her process?
To some extent, yes. But I don’t think there’s just one right answer to the question what art making is and I don’t think it comes from subconscious only. There is also the urge to make a mark, which to me is simply a need to state “I am”. I guess a lot of my work does come from my subconscious but also the state of present consciousness, that “blank” state of mind, devoid of thought. 

Before writing systems evolved in various civilizations there existed graphic signs that conveyed meaning rather than phonetic sound. I like the idea that you might be developing your own graphic language not just using the common known tools of icons and words?
I like the idea too. It certainly does work like that for me; it would be wonderful to think I might one day be able to communicate with others in this way. Maybe that’s where it all comes from: the necessity to create a new language, since I have been failing at communicating the traditional way. But I guess that’s what all artists do (coming back to the question “what is art making”). 

Is it easy to come up with something each day?
It’s become a habit but it does take time, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes all night.

Do they come from the personal? Or are you more interested in the universal space between thought and language?
Both equally.

Do you enjoy writing in itself?
“A sentence by itself is clean. The very next one takes something from it.” Elias Canetti wrote that and it describes perfectly how I feel about writing.