Omar, a poignant love story between two young and politically separated Palestinians reaches the Spanish cinemas. The film competed for the Best Foreign Language Film award in the last Oscars, and it won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Festival, in the section Un Certain Regard.

Omar is an interesting proposal that directs our attention once again towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, narrating the story of a young baker, who trying to cross the border to meet again his lover Nadia faces the risk of having to dodge the bullets of the border soldiers on a daily basis. Furthermore, his life takes a twist when, once captured by the soldiers, he confesses the murder of an Israeli soldier. From that moment on, recruited as an informer, Omar will reassess the values that he understood as unbreakable, such as friendship, trust and love.

A touching film from the hand of Hany Abu-Assad, the Dutch filmmaker of Palestinian origin who was in charge of the both controversial and acclaimed Paradise Now (2005), in which two young Palestinians were recruited to perpetrate a suicide attack in Tel Aviv.

Abu-Assad’s new movie, which has been labeled as somewhat light and mainstream (maybe due to an attempt of impartiality), will go down in history as the first 100% Palestinian production. The director himself has explained that Omar is the first film to be almost completely funded by Palestinians.

Release date in Spain: June 25th