Fans of David Lynch, particularly of Mulholland Drive (2001), will find in the Documentary 20,000 Days on Earth –codirected by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard– the perfect excuse to discover the dark and surreal universe around the great Australian musician Nick Cave, a demigod of alternative rock starring in this film –half fact, half fiction– on a hypothetical 20,000th day in the life of the composer.

The film, which also stars Nick’s wife –the British model Susie Bick–, some members of his band, such as Warren Ellis (The Bad Seeds), and artists such as Kylie Minogue –who appears in a ghostly way in the backseat of a car–, is an exquisite work in every way and has garnered rave reviews and awards –including Best Director and Editing Award– in its premiere at the Sundance Festival.

A film full of memorable quotes, touching musical performances, and a charismatic Nick Cave that exudes magnetism from the beginning to the end of the film, whether while chatting with ghosts, writing songs, taking care of his family, performing at the Sydney Opera House or baring his soul confessing to his psychoanalyst his greatest fear, memory loss.

20,000 Days on Earth is said to be one of the films of the year and will hardly be forgotten. The credits and the prologue are indeed a statement of principles. After the exalted climax of the film, many people are going to buy a ticket for one of the two concerts that the musician is giving in May in Spain.

Release date in Spain: November 7th