This is probably my favourite café in Melbourne, which I visit at least once a fortnight. It’s getting to be pretty popular, and it’s easy to see why. It’s cosy and cute, with kitschy little mismatched salt and pepper shakers on the tables, the most gorgeous bathroom in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, a spectacular cake display, and tattooed, thrift shop-clad staff (this isn’t an insult, by the way – I love their tattoos and have 8 myself, and they’re always so lovely and smiley and friendly, even first thing on a Sunday morning!).  They do have a gorgeous little café area inside, but we have our “regular” spot out the side-way that we prefer. It’s quieter, more private, and nice to be sitting in the fresh air.

This visit was for breakfast, and we ordered our respective favourites. Poached eggs with avocado on wholegrain toast for me – the toast is amazing, they use good quality avocado and heaps of it, and my eggs are always poached to perfection.

Husband’s favourite breakfast is the potato croquettes with bacon, avocado, chipotle mayo and poached eggs. It’s a big serving, the croquettes are delicious, and the chipotle mayo is a really nice twist from a standard hollandaise type sauce.

Breakfast usually ends with a pot of tea and cake of some sort. It was brownie this time – it was the size and weight of a small house brick, thick and gooey and all sorts of marvellous. Also, the teapots come out wearing cosies, which makes me so very happy!

With that, we paid the bill (again, around AUD$40.00 for the works), and started the long walk home. So, why go there? Great food, relaxed weekend breakfast atmosphere, lovely staff, and it’s not in any of the big inner suburbs, so you can still get a seat on the weekend!

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