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There is no better way than this to celebrate the sixth anniversary of such an important gallery of Spanish urban art as the SC Gallery; and the exhibition On Paper proves it.

A collective exhibition that brings together some of the most interesting urban artists of the national scene such as Btoy, Daniel Muñoz, Sixe Paredes, SpY and Suso33.

Moreover, the proposal is quite suggestive because it brings together the different ways in which urban art has arrived to the galleries, from photographs which are a documentary about some street artists such as SpY and Suso33, to the stencils of Btoy or the drawings of Daniel Muñoz.

It is impossible to highlight in a better way the work of such a relevant gallery, where some of the most outstanding examples of urban art made in Spain have had a place, like ElTono, Boris Hoppek, Nano 4814, Miss Van, Okuda and Alberto de Pedro, among others.

Until the 18th of July.