From the director of the critically acclaimed Still Life (2006) –awarded with a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival–, comes a demolishing wuxia pian, inspired by A Touch of Zen (1961), a classic of the genre by the master King Hu. The filmmaker Jia Zhangke is placed again in the pantheon of Chinese independent cinema, proving him indispensable for the seventh art and for those who want to explore the present social situation in the Asian giant.

The director, who belongs to the sixth generation of Chinese filmmakers, has based the plot of his latest film, also awarded with the Best Screenplay Award at the Cannes Film Festival (2013), on four news stories published in the Chinese press –three murders and one suicide–, with which he weaves a brutal, intense and demolishing portrait of the country in order to denounce once again the disastrous social consequences that the rapid incorporation of China in the capitalist economic system has brought about – a common theme in his filmography.

A Touch of Sin, reflecting realism close to the documentary genre, offers us a sensational and thorough staging, high doses of drama and sublime photography under the care of Yu Lik-Wai, a habitual member of Zhangke’s team. By means of this extraordinary cocktail, the director tells the tragic stories of four socially oppressed characters from four different provinces: an outraged miner, an immigrant with a firearm, a beautiful sauna receptionist and a young man with no economical stability, who are ticking time bombs, ready to explode at any moment…

Date of release in Spain: July 4th.