This summer the abandoned Fort d’Aubervillers in Paris will stop being a simple and secondary background and transform into a space dominated by urban art. Fort d’Aubervillers was established in 1843 as a checkpoint for passengers who wanted to access the French capital and aimed to protect it from possible revolts. In the 30s the zone, already neglected, served as a field for radioactive tests that turned it into one of the most contaminated places in France.

In the last decades , the area has been the target of many innovative projects, among those a hospital and a sports field, all them rejected due to the high level of radioactivity.

This is why the project In Situ Art Festival is supposed to be not only a transformation of the marginal settings but will also serve as a reflection on the  deterioration of the forgotten peripheral settings in big European cities.

Important artists such as Jef Aerosol, Borondo or Jorge Rogriguez Gerada transform a space that can be visited until 15th of July.

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