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This summer one of the most desired exhibits comes to Italy at the hand of Rhythm gallery, which presents the exhibition of two artists who are the most significant of nonrepresentational graffiti, Momo and ElTono. The exhibition “Varianti brings us a proposal where both artists agree on their understanding of art as a form of abstraction where the representation of space takes on a higher meaning.

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ElTono and Momo represent the greatest exponent in nonrepresentational graffiti is in Europe and the US, and together they present an exhibition which suggests a union between their works. Color value, geometric shapes and the setting take the lead in the exhibition of Rhythm gallery in Catania.

From 9th of June until 31st of August

Rhythm Gallery: Grotte Bianche street , 62 Catania

Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday: 10 am/1 am – 4pm /7pm