As always, Cao Fei strives to achieve gloomy environments, halfway between surrealism and popular culture, always going one step further in the multimedia art realm. As she already did in 2009 with the creation of RMB City -a virtual town located in the Second Life platform- which was conceived as a space of artistic experimentation, she now gives us La Town, a devastated, terribly melancholic miniature city.

The show is presented through a short teaser trailer that gives hints of the artist’s exhibition at the Lombard Freid Gallery, New York. Visits to the exhibition will begin in September.

Cao Fei is a Chinese artist known for her multimedia platform-based works. Mixing pop aesthetics, surrealism and social commentary, Cao Fei has become one of China’s most avant-garde artists, holding exhibitions at some of the most important galleries in the world, such as the MoMa, London’s Serpentine Gallery or the Venice Biennale, among others.

From September 10 to October 18
Lombard Freid Gallery, 518 West 19th Street; New York, NY, 10011
Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5:30 pm