Standing on the cliff in the mountains, and looking down at the valley covered in thick clouds, Ludwig realized that the northern wind was about to arrive.
On the main floor, the men were gathered in one room smoking their tobacco, while in another the women were drinking tea and gossiping. On the upper floor, an elderly man was sitting in an old chair, in front of a bookshelf that went from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Forming half a ring, a group of children were sitting around him.
The chimney painted the room with amber and comforted the group with its warmth. The man with a white beard and shaky hands was holding an illustration of a beautiful feminine figure. She was tall and her hair was long and straight. The pencil sketch had no colours, but according to the old man she had pale skin, grey eyes and white hair.
– Like you! – pointed one of the children.
The old man laughed.
– Their hair is more beautiful. Much more. – he continued his narration. – Almost as if they had been born from the union of light and snow. They were cold and warm at the same time.
As a kid, Ludwig never questioned what he had been told. As a teenager, Ludwig wondered if his grandfather told the truth or if it was the effects of senility. As an adult, Ludwig wondered if he knew he was lying to them or if it was the old mind playing tricks on his grandfather.
As much as he wanted to portray a lack of faith, because according to him successful men who contributed to society did not believe in legends and were not spiritual, he always waited for the arrival of the northern wind that supposedly brought the fairies. Maybe, one day, he would see those beautiful beings get lost among the clouds and like his grandfather, die in love.