In those days everything was slow. Everything was about to arrive but nothing arrived. It was not instantaneous and neither was it simultaneous. It was that time when you knew by heart the telephone numbers of your friends, your grandparents, your parents and your favorite uncle. It feels like a time ago now, but only a decade has passed. There were no mobile phones or tablets or mp3 or ebooks. And nobody missed them.

If you were going to meet somebody and they were late, nothing prevented you from losing that handful of minutes up to their arrival. There was nothing to do, only to wait and get bored. The same happened on the bus, the subway, the waiting room of the doctor or the queue of the bank. Boredom.

But the day we stopped getting bored arrived. With our fingertips we started to watch films, send messages, take photos, and check if it was going to rain and to pay the bills. Nowadays, paradoxically, we have no time to get bored.

The responsibility lies, among others, with a great and complex industry, the entertainment industry. An industry dedicated to filling with content all those empty spaces in people’s everyday lives.

Audiovisual producers, mass media, advertising agencies, record companies, publishers, developers of mobile phone applications, community managers and a long et cetera. Thousands of people whose job is to entertain us when we aren’t working.

We are consuming more and more entertainment but we are increasingly more demanding as well. Anything no longer serves us. We demand excellent series, we demand excellent advertisements, and we demand excellent songs. And where there is demand, offer arises.

Even though it is true that the omnipresent financial crisis has also knocked on the doors of this sector, at present it is living its best moment.

It is a very sweet period for some reasons. The first one is that the methods to commercialise the product have multiplied due to the new technologies. And the second one is that the profile of the consumer has changed. It has become a mature consumer, who understands and is grateful for the less conventional and predicable contents.

All of this has only one side, the good one. An ever better entertainment industry which seems to have no ceiling.