If you thought you’d already lost your passion for and faith in fashion, you’ll literally fall back in love thanks to a brand that, though founded in 2005, is still making us invest and believe in creativity and fantasy, thanks to the powerful imagery sent out by the two heads of this Australian firm, Romance was born.

Forget the “it’s fashionable” and recover the “it fascinates me”. These two thinking heads and their expressive collections will make you immerse yourself in a Lewis Carroll-like dream and a sweetly twisted world, from the moment you look at their lookbooks, full of deconstructed collages and multiplied images, till you observe one of their garments, perfectly recognizable and already internationalized thanks to their exquisite and colorful patterns.

They define themselves as a mix between new and classic, creating a fun and joyful elegance, which is in turn complemented by an endless attention to detail and the best hand-made finish. They open a new paradise in the textile field and create authentic stories in each of their elaborated pieces, which are perfectly wearable and available on their website.

We invite you to get to know their latest psychedelic haute-couture, with the collaboration of artist Tanya Schultz, creator of their most recent prints entitled “Mushroom Magic”,  in which they once again give free rein to their exquisitely crazy and becoming dreams.

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