An amazing adventure documented by the protagonists themselves through social networks and Vimeo channel. Starting from Australia, they decide to go around the world in a small boat that they bought and conditioned with their own hands. A story that mixes passion, adventure and danger with hilarity and delirium. Are you ready to travel?


In itself, this interview is like a storm. The characters do not seem to be afraid, that is, they are driven by the impulse of the unconscious. Sometimes it’s as if they didn’t realize where they are, or who they are talking with; from the moment the recorder is turned on, the wind starts blowing against the sail that will take them to a brave journey around the planet. They are Nicolás, Jesús and José, but maybe in another life they were Vasco de Gama, Columbus and Magellan.

How did the idea for the trip emerge?

Nicolás: I always felt I was the best, but in a vague, impractical way. Then one day I realized it: I’m a genius. And I went to the big city (Buenos Aires) to become a star. I failed miserably, so I said “I’m going to buy a sailboat. Let’s ride on a sailboat.”

Jesús: I told you that.

Nicolás: Yes.

José: I’m not a loser, I just wanted to go sailing.


So how would this trip be successful for you?

Jesús:  Perfectly. I’d like to meet a beautiful Vietnamese girl, get married, live near the sea. Hate Americans.

José: Are you going to stay in Vietnam?

Nicolás: But that way you’re not going around the world.

Jesús: No, no. I mean when we come back.

Nicolás: Come back from where?

Jesús: I mean, we pass through Vietnam, there I meet her, then we go around the world and then when we get back, I’ll stay there.

Nicolás: How many trips around the world do you want to do?

The rudder breaks, it seems we’re not going anywhere. In any case, the adventurers demonstrate they have what it takes to spend weeks and weeks at the sea. At least this way problems of coexistence are left aside; now we need to know if they know how to navigate.

Now that we’re talking about ‘going around the world’, there are several precursors of such a feat. Do you have some important reference whose example you are following? Phileas Fogg  maybe? Calle 13?

Nicolás: Baron Munchausen .

Jesús: What an as***le.

José: Well, there’s this guy who traveled in a sailboat that he built himself …

Jesús: Chuck Norris .

Nicolás: Where did Chuck Norris travel?

Jesús: At least he’s a real person

José: Really… A guy who started from here, Tigre ( Argentina ) , in a sailboat made ​​by himself. He has a museum. What’s its name?

Nicolás: When I was a kid I read the Odyssey and I was blown away (loved it). Ulysses, you might say. Or Baron Munchausen .

José: What’s it called ? ! It was like 100 years ago. He went around the world in a sailboat made ​​by himself…

Nicolás: Yes , Baron Munchausen .

José: Vito Dumas!

Nicolás: You write Tintin, the old man from Up or Marco Polo.

José: Vito Dumas! Vito Dumas is his name!

Jesús: Marco Polo himself was a real person .

Nicolás: That’s why, Marco Polo.

José: Vito Dumas.


At this point we are drifting and about to be devoured by hungry sharks. Sometimes I’m hoping that something like that happens.

Vito Dumas was precisely who, before leaving on his journey around the world, said: “I’m in this materialistic age to make a romantic endeavour, for youth to follow the example”. How romantic is your endeavour and to what extent do you want to inspire?

Nicolás: No one can teach you anything, but even so, many people learn from their experience in the world. We went sailing because it’s what we do. Travelling, seeing the world, living in a sailboat. Not to give lecture, not to prove anything to anyone. Still, when someone thinks about buying a new car, going 15 days to Miami or doing something radically different, we will be there in the equation. Next to the lawyer who became a professional diver or engineer who wants to build a robot that works with solar energy. And I suppose that adds up.

Suddenly, Nicolás saves us all from a sure shipwreck. Jesús and José just nod. No one has more to say. The vast ocean surrounds us with calm and fills us with peace while we watch the stars in the darkest sky, on this pleasant floating swing.

Tell me about the roles. Who’s who on this journey?

Jesús: I’m the captain, the most trained on the subject of navigation. I also bought a harpoon. José is responsible for building a water purifier and other things that we need. The engineer, the inventor.

Nicolás is the one who will handle the navigation technology, specialized in software and communications. Then we have a first aid manual and we have to decide who is going to study it

They look very confident as if the journey they are about to undertake is not risky enough. Is there anything in this whole journey to be afraid of?

Jesús: I was afraid of pirates, but that was before buying the harpoon. Nicolás: But they have guns…

José: I fear the harpoon. Jesús and his harpoon…

Nicolás: Diarrhoea at the sea. That would not be good…

I decide to get off the ship before the wind becomes violent again. As I watch the boat move away, I feel a nostalgic calm. I’m fine here, but I want to be there. I try to imagine the many destinations which that cruise means; dolphins, turtles, beaches, people. Then I understand that if I keep looking at the same side, I might lose a sailboat passing behind me. I turn and start paddling.