Marsella Bar, an emblematic place for its authenticity and seniority, is saved from ruin.  Since the bad news of its closing, the dismay spread among many of the faithful customers. This is why they took action in order to gain support to stop its closure. José Lamiel, the bar’s owner himself, says that they managed to get more than 10.000 signatures.

At first, the Marsella was going to be sold to a foreign capital company, which would convert it into apartments for tourists. The various apartments located between Calle Sant Pau and Calle Sant Ramón have been uninhabited for a long time, in fact the bar has been the only occupant these last months. After delaying the closure from September to November the 19th, at last Barcelona City Council bought the Marsella Bar for 1.1 million euros.

It seems to be clear what the City Council wants to do with it; the building, located in the neighborhood of Raval in Barcelona, would be renovated in order to use it as social housing. In 2014, 830.000 euros will be invested in the complete restoration of the property. Works would last 14 months and, at the end, this new space would be part of the public park. Lamiel, the last tenant, stated his big surprise when he discovered that the City Council had bought the bar.

The Marsella, no question about that, is one of the most bohemian and charming clubs in the city. Many people think of it as the essential meeting point in Barcelona, because since 1820 the bar has been one of the city’s pillars. It is not surprising that so many people rejoiced in not losing a very important part of the city’s heritage, where so many stories and good moments have taken place.