Flic Mag 07:14 - Ana Sandonís600

Ana Sandonís is an artist from Madrid who graduated as a graphic designer at the art school Islas Filipinas of Madrid. Her passion for drawing and illustration comes from her family. An art director for over a decade, Ana has also been following a more personal path in illustration and painting for some years now, by participating in several collective exhibitions.

She is currently overlooking the project “Moleskine Diaries”: a series of small drawings made with ballpoint pen and/or felt-tip pen on Moleskine diary paper, which are displayed at the art gallery and store Mad is Mad, in Madrid.

This month we have asked Ana to illustrate our web background. The name of her illustration is COCKTAIL: “I chose it because it is relaxed, light and evocative of fun and summer moments. It was made with wacom in Illustrator, as in my opinion digital drawing is the most appropriate for this medium.”

Thank you Ana for this very original web background. Yey Summer!