At some point we have all been asked we have wondered … “And if you were invisible for a day, what would you do?” If you have never thought about that question or the subsequent answer, now it is time to get started because possibly the most minimalist trend has just settled in the textile bible.

Almost all of us have the image of transparent heels and “plataformoides” in which strippers are endlessly  dancing and tips complement the accessory, or rather those not so extravagant methacrylate lifts of a few seasons ago.

Well, now without any subterfuge, the foot is uncovered with fully transparent boots and instead of making us believe that nobody sees our lower extremities, the effect is the opposite. And Jeffrey Campbell has managed to do it very well, from Dr. Martens version for rain to more feminine and high-heeled  ones.

How to combine them is in your hands, or more like in your feet, which will wear such shoes well with a very good pedicure in summer or with some lovely and flashy socks in winter.

I hope I was clear and transparent, because…  Foot freedom is close!