The famous photographer and video clip director Anton Corbijn, who successfully debuted in cinema directing the awarded Control (2007) and later The American (2010), gives us the opportunity to see him again in the ring of cinema to offer this glorious and hopefully not last third round, which will delight fans of the genre of espionage.

Based on the novel A most wanted man, by John Le Carré, author whose works have been successfully adapted to the big screen –The Russia House (Fred Schepisi, 1990) and The Tailor of Panama (John Boorman, 2001)- and against the backdrop of the 11-S, the film by the Dutch filmmaker presents the mission of a German spy who must monitor a Russian-Chechen newcomer to the Muslim community in Hamburg, where he appears with signs of being tortured and claiming the inheritance of his supposed father. Given the suspicion he may belong to a fundamentalist terrorist group, the German and American security agencies are alerted to investigate the man and discover his true identity.

An entertaining action thriller -within a pace to which we are accustomed with the director- with a love story and worth seeing, even if you do not feel devotion to the genre, but only by the sublime interpretations of Willem Dafoe, Daniel Brühl , Robin Wright and the sadly missing Philip Seymour Hoffman. Another reason to see it, as it was the last film of the Oscar-winning actor. Rounding out the main cast we find Rachel McAdams and Grigoriy Dobrygin, among others

Release date in Spain: September 12th