Desdicha (Misfortune) does not agree with many things, especially with proverbs, mottoes, core ideas, idioms, or popular sayings. is a large project and a small revenge in which she writes and illustrates her free version of events.

One day Desdicha choked on happy endings, aspirational pastel-colored phrases, and the excess of “like” buttons. So she decided to talk about herself and to tell defective truths, because reality is much more fun.

Desdicha lives in Madrid and although she has an iPhone she is still an intern. She reads more than she speaks, she knows she is not pretty, she celebrates the fact that Doctor Martin shoes are fashionable again, it is said that she belongs to the most educated generation, she has (or not) a bearded boyfriend, she is dangerously close to 30, and she needs to talk about it.

When Desdicha refers to a man, she always talks about the same one: the Susodicho, an intermittent boyfriend. Susodicho is a middle-class hipster from the provinces, he is thirty-something, lives in the center of Madrid, and speaks little but says much since his body language always betrays him.

Desdicha has a contemporary and colloquial humor. Because of her vocabulary and the topics covered she empathizes with adults from 20 to 45 in particular.
Desdicha is different from other comic strips in its tone, critical and ironic but also sentimental, since its protagonist is an eternal loser dealing with situations that we all know well.

There are things that even the Valencia filter can’t solve.
Spring: time to make all our body fat disappear.

Not even quiet she was pretty.