The fear of the blank sheet. Am I going to tell you something that you do not know already? That sudden loss of faith in yourself, that feeling of being naked before the demand for creating something pretty, surprising, creative and never seen before. All who work with that frustration will be able to confirm that the same question frequently comes up: where does inspiration come from?

It has been said that it comes from the muses, from the nothingness itself. It has been said that inspiration, the ideas, descend capriciously down to people’s heads. An eventful, even mystical happening. Something only at the reach of the chosen, of the geniuses.

But let’s go back to the question, where does inspiration come from? Very simple, from work. Maybe it is not the most interesting answer or one that would be expected, but it is the reality. None of the geniuses who I have had the luck to meet arrives at home at three o’clock in the afternoon. Nobody keeps looking at the horizon and caressing his moustache while an idea is coming. It is not something romantic, it is simply work.

Creativity can be worked on; a person is not born with or without it. Like almost all things in life, when you have dedicated tens of thousands of hours, you will become an expert in the subject. Yes, it is true that ideas are something vague, ethereal, something that you cannot look for in a book but in yourself. That is why all of this is more complex and much more unique.

The human being is like a battery that charges with everything he experiences. The more complete the battery is, the more places to resort to will creativity have. Charge your battery and work. But work is not only 10 hours a day in the office. It is talking to different people, eating different things, travelling to different places, reading different things and thinking about different things. That is also a job, one more important than the one you do to get paid at the end of the month. It is working on yourself or, like my father says, “cultivating”.

There is nothing that can disclose where exactly inspiration comes from, but it is certain that one arrives there by working.