Luis Corzo is insanely young: he observes the world with an open mind and sensibility. His narrative is surprisingly simple, but he does not shy away from discussing his character and his own contradictory ideas; that is, to jump into his own definition of the ideal woman or to describe the vanity of beauty. Orginally from Guatemala, he grew up in Miami, and then moved to Barcelona to complete his degree in Photography. Today, he lives in Miami, where he relocated and works in his family business. From the moment he put a Nikon SL on his shoulder at age fifteen, he has not stopped shooting photos. He is convinced of only using the right side of his brain, which may sound impossible and, undoubtedly, when he does discover his abilities using the left one, there will be much more light in his dark room. He masters chaos with more chaos.  He defeats fire with fire. He loves jazz, and has an admiration for the genius of John Coltrane, and some of his favorite artists are Wolfgang Tillmans, Daido Moriyama or Lee Friedlander. Although he points with a touch of shyness, or respect, and with an almost inaudible whisper, the name of René Magritte.


Title: Discarded

But in the end,

Everybody is an outcast somewhere.

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Title: invisibilis

Beauty cannot only be measured visually.

Beauty requires more.

Beauty is often distorted by the eyes.

Beauty is not easy,

Beauty takes time,

Beauty can be ugly.

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Title: Queen

I am obsessed with you.

I am obsessed with us.

I am obsessed with the future.




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Title: Luis(green)a



is the only think that separates us.

Green is long and transparent.

On  rare occasions we agree by Red,

but the interaction doesn’t last much.

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Title: IvsI

  • I have lost the war.
  • I have lost the war.
  • I have lost myself, to myself.
  • I can only recover myself with the help of myself.
  • Myself against myself.

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