London is a city of contrasts, humour, oddness and creativity, cheerfulness and glumness, poverty and wealth, boorishness and knowledge, youthfulness and oldness, someone unknown said.

What is it London to me? The Union Jack, the Royals, the Big Ben, the rain, the cabs, the buses, the afternoon tea, the pubs, the underground, the crowd of people everywhere, the tourists, the foreigners…Yes I love London and I think everyone else does it, especially in Europe and especially my fellow Italian citizens and it has always been this way.

Family fact: my great grandfather was born in London and christened at San Paul’s Cathedral because my great great grandfather moved there at around 1890 to open a bar/ice cream shop in town…crazy right? I personally love London for a day out of shopping and dinner (I live in Brighton, one hour away) but I cannot see myself to live full time in London city, it feels to big, I feel lost in the underground and I feel there are too many people around.

I have been talking to friends, some of them live in London full time some of them still dream about move here, let’s see what they think.

Chris 31, years old, art director, Milan.

“I have been dreaming to live in London since I was studying Advertising at Uni. Work in London in advertising is the dream of every advertiser, the city is full of creativity and the advertising companies here are the best. London is another melting pot that gives a chance to everyone (credit crunch and recession permitting).”

Chiara M., 30 years old, producer, London.

“I have been in London for two months; there was no possibility of growing in Italy for my job so I took the challenge to come to London. It’s hard, lots of competition and as Jay Z. say about NY, I think “since I made it here I can make it anywhere, yeah, they love me everywhere” about London.”

Daniele T., 30 years old shop assistant, London.

“I have been in London for six months; I lived for two years in Barcelona and I came here to learn English, big mistake! Not many English out here and they are not friendly. There is too much competition for jobs, I am not that competitive myself and maybe this place is not for me.”

Looks like everyone wants to move to London but not everyone can survive to the city, is London a CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE? Only the dreamers can make it?

London is a difficult place and British people are not as open as the Italians or the Spanish…that’s why we struggle, but I think to live in London is an amazing experience and everyone should try!

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