At the beginning of 2010, the Instituto Provincial de Arte of Mar del Plata inspired these young people: Ariel Zurdo, Matias Vilariño, Pablo Guzzo, Juan Ignacio Elvira and Pablo Patrani so they decided to start rehearsing weekly, unleashing their creativity and talent.
They are called PAN, an Argentinian band which was formed by dedicating whole afternoons to music, step by step, in cultural centres, folk clubs or anywhere in the street where they could improve their talent.
With popular music as an example but without closing doors to other styles, the members of the group were enriching their melody with feelings, curiosity, experiences, trips and knowledge until they achieved their plenitude. Nowadays, PAN presents with humility and simplicity all the elements of popular music as  their personal folklore and, like their name transmits, the simplicity and everyday work.
Some months ago the members of the band decided to start a 8500-kilometre trip around Argentina. Thanks to the trip, they state, they could learn and unlearn from every person, town, city, feast and farewell. This trip helped them to renew knowledge, venture in the towns and learn more about popular music to capture it in a more faithful way in their songs.
Finally, in May 2012, PAN recorded their first album, based on their live performance in Teatro Colón of Mar del Plata. Nowadays, the group is living in the city and it is investigating and going deep into new rhythms which allow them to continue offering novelties to their followers. The aim is very clear: they want to get together in a recording studio during 2013.

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