This month our Flic Favorite is HOLY HOLE a combination of a studio, a gallery and a shop. In the Born suburb of Barcelona, they offer a completely unique ambience.

Managed by two art directors: Monica and Mapi, they define it as “a studio with four legs” supported by four pillars: (1) the communication design studio; (2) a really underground clothes and accessory shop (the star product is H.A.M. costume jewelry); (3) workshops of gore make up, tintype and serigraph photography; (4) a gallery, operating under the slogan every idea is welcome, which offers exhibitions, acoustic concerts, micro theater and anything else cultural.

“Who are our customers? Illustrators, fashion designers, coolhunters… They stay for hours and they leave happy, the vibes are really good. In fact, we have met more people in these last months than in years. Above all, they are great people. That’s enough for us.”

Vincenzo Rigogliuso Vincenzo Rigogliuso HOLY HOLE_Post3