If you’re a designer, publisher, artist, photographer, illustrator or musician: Read this! In Flic Magazine we have stumbled on an interesting project, a creative online network called Nace. It is an innovative alternative in which it is possible to make money creating ideas for brands and international artists. Nace is established as a link between the best brands and the best creative people, wherever they are…

Nace works through a system of Open Talent, which enables all those registered on the platform to submit a proposal of work for a real client.

It means a new kind of work organization that promotes better outcomes for both parties: brands and creatives. Once you adapt yourself to this new way of working, you will see that there are only advantages. The platform offers numerous filters that allow you to participate in projects that fit your profile. It also uses a technology of instant feedback when you present your idea, allowing for improvement (in the process of curating) before its presentation to the client.

If you are interested and want to join the online Creative Staff, you can do so in two ways: a basic registration with the platform at no cost, which will allow you to participate in smaller but no less interesting projects, and a professional modality registration, which will open the door to projects with greater weight and importance for a low annual price.

Once you have joined the online platform, Nace will be responsible for sending you the projects that suit you, and if you are interested, you can submit your proposal and wait for the customer’s response.

Relax, your idea will always be yours until it is the winner. If so, you will get the promised payment. Furthermore, the interesting thing is that you can work with international projects from home or a café and your ideas can be recognized worldwide and help you earn money.

As for brands, the labor market is also wide. They may receive ideas (very different) from anywhere in the world and from different cultural styles, which also enriches the work. Moreover, they do not need to pay a monthly fee on the platform, the only pay per project.

What kind of projects are being done?
They can be of any kind: Advertising, new media, branding, graphic design, web, art for bands, TV, video clips, making off, advertising photography, social networking image, brainstorming, marketing content, graffiti, Mobile urban interventions, fans, fashion campaigns, music, jingles… as you can see, there are no limits.

Finally, we would like to mention the proactive attitude of the project, called Talent Hunting, whereby the top creatives are selected and invited to be part of the online Creative Staff. Beware, if you are good… they will find you!