A social network to create your online store easily and free

The online startup, Ezebee is a new creative and international community where business owners, young designers, and freelancers can create their own online shops at no cost. It offers a free platform that serves as a springboard for anyone who wants to showcase their work and expand their reach.

Due to the current economic situation in the US and parts of Europe, it has become almost a necessity to find new ways to make work, especially in Spain, where there are thousands of designers, small business owners, artisans, and professionals who now have the option to launch their own small business or develop their brand.

The platform ezebee.com combines a marketplace with a social network providing the necessary infrastructure to create an online store as easily as setting up a Facebook profile and connect with an international community of users to buy from and sell to. Most importantly, transactions are completed free of charge and without requiring any personal or banking information.

Ezebee also offers several free applications, such as the integration of your Ezebee shop on your Facebook Fan Page or blog. Thus, users can connect their ezebee.com store with all their social networks and reach a wider audience without extra work especially since the shop is entirely managed directly from one’s account on ezebee.com.

What sets Ezebee apart from the other “hand made” communities or handmade products is that it is home to all kinds of products as well as professional photographers , designers, and illustrators. Above all, there are no commissions on sales completed through the platform.

This relatively young project began in January 2013 and already has over 25,000 online shops from more than 80 countries. Every day new entrepreneurs are opening their ezebee stores from different corners of the world.


Web page: http://www.ezebee.com/es
Facebook (Spanish): https://www.facebook.com/ezebee.esp
Facebook (internacional): https://www.facebook.com/ezebee.community?fref=ts
Twitter (Spanish): https://twitter.com/ezebeeSpanish
Blog magazine: http://magazine.ezebee.com/es/?lang=es