Despite the diversity of reviews that his last film submitted to the film festivals of Cannes (nominated for Palme d’Or), New York and Sitges (Special Jury Prize) has aroused, Only lovers left alive (2013) brings back the best of Jim Jarmusch, who seemed confused after Ghost Dog (1999), with the exception of Broken Flowers (2005).

Some people feared that the currently most important American cult filmmaker and flagship of the 80’s thanks to Stranger than Paradise (1984) would never recover from the failure that The limits of control (2009) signified, and even believed his career to be over. However –and maybe precisely thanks to that criticism- this Phoenix from Ohio has managed to rise from the ashes to laugh, as usual (let us hope he will never lack irony), at the pedantry and snobbery that surrounds cinema and culture at large.

Moreover, beyond being a romantic vampire film with exquisite photography (Yorick Le Saux), Jarmusch presents us a masterpiece that escapes the stereotypes of horror film. This Wim Wenders disciple humanizes his two creatures of the night. Here we have a brilliant woman of letters, Eva (Tilda Swinton), and a tormented guitarist, Adam (Tom Hiddleston), who bemoan, as refined artists from high society would, the humankind’s situation after guiding it since times immemorial.

Only lovers left alive is a cult work which does not lack Jarmusch’s own seal, the music. Most of the film’s main tracks belong to his band, Sqürl, a true discovery.

Release date in Spain: June 27th