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Wallpapers dress up ambiences with true personality and simultaneously reflect their inhabitants’ individuality. The people of Wallpaper from the 70s, a German company that has been working passionately for years with wallpapers and their remarkable versatility, know it very well.

“Long before the large manufacturers revealed their latest collections based on the 1970s, we created our own designs in the style of the era. Our name reflects our fascination with the zeitgeist of the Seventies. But our enthusiasm isn’t based on retro design alone; it also incorporates our appreciation for the era’s optimistic pioneering spirit and its belief in the future.”

Nowadays, this concept is stunningly presented in handcrafted embroidered light wallpaper with innovative optical fibers, developed in cooperation with researchers of the Chemnitz University of Technology. This innovative wall treatment provides a totally new sense of space and brightness and creates emotions with an incomparable atmosphere.

Don’t be shy, live life by your own design!