The latest trends are making clear that the oneiric world, coming from the mind and remaining intimate, can relieve our subconscious. Besides, they make our lives happier in this difficult era we are living.

We think that having a lip-shaped bag by Lulu Guinness, an eye in the midst of a ring, like Delfina Delettrez’s , an old typing machine kind of dress by Mary Katrantzou, makes our brains secrete some sort of endorphin right after seeing those cult objects.

Although Coco Chanel usually does not get along with the surrealist designer Elsa Schiaparelli, we know that variety is the spice of life and thanks to the legacy of the latter, we can hear our little hearts throb to the beat of an out of time melody every time we see one of those pieces that, without hesitation, no matter who likes it or not, spread the personality from our style and makes authenticity remain forever. Amen.