Someone who has not heard the famous expression “spring breakers forever!” is definitely not ahead of the pack this summer. But don’t worry if this refers to you, you have still time to read this miniarticle where you will know what is “in” and “fresh” this summer.

After watching, or in my case, re-watching the indie film of the famed director Harmony Korine, titled “Spring Breakers”, starring those Disney girls who are not that girlish but explosive Disney women in a hitherto unknown facet, I realized that the “hot hit” this season is and will be the rave style, and yes, dear readers, for once, we can say that it is suitable for all budgets.

And what is it, or how to get this electrofestival look, may wonder those who could not get to the cinema. Well, here are some tips:

1. Framed and fluoride-armed glasses of different colors and the again-in-fashion iridescent mirrored lenses. Although the combination may scare, believe me when I tell you that with a light tan and the right colors, you will look fabulous. Find them in brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban or customize them as you please through the Knockaround website.

2. Expose the top of your garish or Malibu bikini with pastel shorts, or why not, with the handmade Tie-dye, which once again has been rescued from the past to sneak into our summer wardrobes.

3. As for accessories or fetish clothes, alien aesthetic dominates in the form of patterned or silkscreen prints in some of your looks, but without the trekkie salute. T-grids or bubblegum pink balaclavas may be the key to a fun photo shoot on Instagram.

4. And as a final touch of this “rebel look”, differently colored nails and /or punk hair colors, over which you can pull a visor or good headphones where the dj, both loved and hated, Skrillex, will own and master the sound that comes from them.

While the outfit may seem a little reckless, the streets are full of it to a greater or lesser degree, resulting perhaps a bit risky for cities though more common and less surprising on beach sites. But what is clear, once again, is the incursion of cinema into fashion, and in this case, the making of a film, which like it or not has marked an era and a generation.

Congratulations Korine!