What is it about kittens that occupy a special place in both prints and in forms and accessories of the fashion world? Sorry to inform you that I don’t know the answer yet.

Revered by the Egyptians and burned in medieval times, the image of the cat has always been an esoteric icon and a cute pet for spinsters and elderly people who want to add a touch of spirituality to their homes.

Joking aside, feline image has been embraced by designers like Helmut Lang in the 80s, with its famous and wonderful bustier composed of two cat-like silhouettes, involving a woman who wears a halo of mysticism, femininity and power.

From the two Fs: feline and femme fatale we move to: full prints and digital prints in both loose t-shirts and socks with tattoo effect where the hero travels the lean legs with a cheerful round head and expressionless eyes. This type of accessories or items usually provokes a  ‘How cute! “ or the other version” Sooo cute! ”

Sunglasses that ‘felinize’ the look, headband-hats or cute mobile cases with pussy ears, Charlotte Olympia shoes or the latest collection of Moschino Cheap & Chic where the figure of the aforementioned pet is immortalized through inlays and embroidery.

Of course, on the other hand, we could also talk for hours about the transition of the Pussycat to the leopard, panther or tiger world or about the worldwide phenomenon of little girls and not that little girls obsessed with Hello Kitty; but that, dear readers,  belongs to another story.

In short, put a cat in your life and you will succeed, at least stylistically, but beware, do not obsess or end up like the girl successively parodied on Youtube and Songify who cried of joy and sadness at her inability to hug all the animals at the same time. Play the clip!