Feria Vintage_Post

We are on the border between the old and the new, the modern and what was modern an instant ago; in short, in the margins of eclecticism. The amazing thing about vintage is that everything that this word encompasses comes from more than one style, it brings us closer to the world of the senses, the world that makes us see or use something we know has been there for a long time, always longer than expected but not enough to be considered old. The vintage is situated in the limbo of a prodigious inaccuracy that approaches everything imaginable: fashion clothes, cameras, sunglasses, watches…

What was modern a few days ago is now old-fashioned, and we accumulate it on the bottom of the closet, covered with some plastic that does not let us remember that it existed one day. But everything comes back. Tomorrow we will desperately seek what one day we tried to make disappear, guided by a vague memory of what it was.

Fashion tends towards eclecticism, towards a number of assumptions that deny their own premises, and in this scenario the vintage powerfully appears, as if a new life began for those unique items with their own sense and character, far away from mass-produced objects without soul. It boasts a unique style that involves many others and differs diametrically from anything we can find in an ordinary establishment.

Currently, vintage is part of our environment, our way of life, and that’s what is interesting about the Vintage Fashion Festival. From Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 October from 11.00 to 21.00, the attic of the Chamartin Station will host the largest Vintage Fashion Fair in Spain, in which there will be 80 exhibitors, auctions of exclusive works and the presence of personalities from the world of fashion and television.