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Eyescream has defined itself as a different ice cream shop, which is very clear from the moment you walk into the shop in Paseo Joan de Borbón in Barcelona. Every day the small but attractive shop founded by Joad López and Federico Mendoza in September 2012 captures the attention of both residents of and visitors to the Catalan city.

After spending a period in Asia, Joad had the great idea of sharing with the Western public the Taiwanese ice cream that it is like  “shaved ice cream” (something that we are all grateful for). However, together with Federico he decided to adapt it to the local taste, likening it more to Italian ice cream that all of us know as they considered that the change would be met with a wider acceptance, and so it did.

From the mixture of both kinds of ice creams and a touch of creativity resulted Eyescream.

One of the main characteristics of this Barcelonese business is the way in which you can take away the ice cream. It is an elegant container, functional and which can be held at the same time, and in addition very cheap. It has three spaces where to put your ice cream and two toppings to choose from a wide variety of flavours to make your experience tastier and much more fun.

But the container is not the only thing that characterizes this ice cream that has travelled many kilometres. Every flavour has its own personality and character that are represented through funny and original puppets that are noticed when people see the eyes of sugar added on the ice cream, giving it life and charm. This makes it much funnier to choose between one and the other, in fact you will not know which one to choose.

As we can appreciate, the success of Eyescream (which is pronounced like “Ice cream”, not by chance) is in the idea of a new concept of ice cream consumption and a great differentiation from other traders. This nice brand aims at making the act of purchase itself amusing to the customers from the moment they enter the shop and choose their toppings until they enjoy their ice cream in any point of the city.

So, dare to put eyes to this ice cream!

Eyescream and Friends
Passeig de Joan De Borbó 30,
08003 Barcelona, Spain