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Fantastik bazaar is a window to other cultures, a place in Barcelona where you can find all kinds of curious objects that have been rescued.

This shop opened its doors in 2005 in an old art gallery in the Gothic neighbourhood. Since 2009 it has been located in a larger place near the Plaza Universitat.

You can find everything, from toys and kitchen objects to religious items from the most picturesque nationalities, like for example China, India, Senegal, Japan and Mexico, among others.

Although they seem strange and picturesque, most of the things are local products that meet the basic needs in their home countries and here they are stand out because they seem strange and unusual.

Besides, this shop makes an extensive use of social networks with the aim of becoming a “finder of wishes” , doing their best to find that product that arouses your curiosity.

Wherever you are from and whatever you need, you should take a look at the list of objects, which you could also buy online through the website.

In this so globalized an era we are living, in which countries are more intertwined than ever, Fantastik emerges as an alternative to the exotic purchase without moving.

If you are looking for singularity, originality, culture, art, colour and creativity, this is your bazaar. Fantastik welcomes you with open doors.