Adiós cielo.





Alter everything, goodbye.

Good bye.

Good bye blue sky, I’ll see you in the blue sky.

Till death, and not even this gentle woman can separate us.

(Zona 11, Guatemala. Christmas day 2013)

[The last picture is a drawing made by my grandfather, Luis Enrique Spillari Alvarado, engraved in wood. The drawing ilustrtes him and his wife, Nery Lilian de León de Spillari, walking. Since I was a little boy I used to laugh at his big ears, he did not forget to incluye them in the drawing. Theres a hole in his shoe, he’s always been very Humble and everything he has, he’s had since I can remember. My grandmother always took care of her image, even if she just went out to buy bread, she would get Reddy as if she were going to a Gala.

In honor of the eternal love story of Chito & Lili.

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