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If you walk through the picturesque neighbourhood of Raval, you may be lucky enough to come across Jaleo Bar, located on the diagonal of the MACBA.

Jaleo is a Mediterranean food bar in the heart of Barcelona. A place that will conquer you if you love good food and cultural events.

Patricia, one of the members of the bar next to Gregorio and Simone, tells us how the initiative came about. “I lived in South Africa for a while and then I travelled in different places. Gregorio invited me to take part in the project and I agreed. Later Simone joined the team. I feel very comfortable with them and the bar and I am in charge of the cultural agenda.”

The Italian influence is not lacking in the “Jaleo”, not only for Gregorio and Simone, but also for Francesca, the pastry maker of the bar and furthermore its fundamental pillar because, as Patricia says: “the different cakes she makes are one of the strong points in order to attract clients”.

Homemade panna cotta, tiramisu and crostate are never missing in the kitchen, all accompanied by delicious fresh juices made ​​with fresh fruit coming from the market “La Boqueria”. Can you ask for more?

Well, yes. They also have initiatives like “ Aperitivo Italiano on Thursday evening” in which light snacks or appetizers are offered by the house with every drink consumed, (beer or –naturally- the Spritz, the Italian drink par excellence).

Add to all this the fact that Jaleo has a varied cultural agenda, and it becomes even more interesting. Concerts on Friday evening are performed on their small stage, in addition to skating events and poetry activities that involve many young people. This variety of shows allows their agenda to be renewed every six weeks. The only philosophy they follow is that all performances are free, thus promoting new talents and attacking the rise of VAT in the cultural world.

Jaleo has undoubtedly absorbed the essence of Raval and it establishes itself as a quirky, relaxed and charismatic mix that could not be found elsewhere. Its Mediterranean essence and the renewed cultural agenda will make you repeat the visit if you like a nice “hubbub”.