04_Phil_Collins_soy_mi_madre 06_Hudinilson Jr

A3bandas is a project taking place until the 24th of May in the galleries of Madrid and Barcelona. This proposal intends to reinforce the links between the galleries, the commissioners, the artists and, of course, the public. The most significant ones are the exhibitions in the galleries García and Rafael Pérez Hernando in Madrid, with the works of the artists Hudinilson Jr. in the former and Javier Calleja and Boris Hoppek in the latter, commissioned by Manuel Segade and Amalia García Rubí, respectively.

The work of Hudinilson Jr. starts from a marginal context from which the artist carries out performances known as Xerox copies or photocopies of his own body on the pages of a notebook transformed into an encyclopedia of eminently ironic and homosexual subject which tries to re-contextualize the Brazilian gay subculture.

For its part, the gallery Rafael Pérez Hernando shows us the work of one of the most important artists in the scene of urban art, Boris Hoppek, who pleases us with another exhibition filled with surrealism.