Somewhere_Post is a wily new beast that has emerged in the rapidly evolving online media arena. Recently launched in Berlin, is a recruitment platform to rival Linkedin, and which borrows the best of Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Yet it is’s vision of what the new world of work should be about is what sets it apart.

“We want to make it a joy for people to share their work in visual, social, and fun ways. Because when you’re empowered to tell your story, it mean the right people can find you.”

By seeing work as a passion unencumbered by life, or vice versa, wants people to be able share their work-life on a more personal level.

Linkedin, for instance, builds a dry CV based chronology of your skills, experiences and qualifications.  In comparison,’s image based format allows you to reveal the layer beneath in order to express what you actually do and care about through ‘sparks’- short combinations of image and text. The ‘sparks’ appear on each person’s page like blog entries, later to be filed under different headings, such as: ‘What I do’ ‘How I work’ ‘What I’ve done’ ‘Interests and Inspirations’ ‘Daily work’ ‘People who matter’ ‘Aspirations’ and ‘Work moments’. Each ‘spark’ is easy to read and consistent with the way of digesting online information we’ve become accustomed to. A ‘spark’ can then initiate interaction; you can browse through making comments and ‘favouring’ as a way to connect with likeminded people and potential collaborators. feels like the natural platform for those in creative industries with visual minds and bright camera eyes and it’s fun to browse through and see positive creative thoughts. As this way of thinking and presenting oneself is a means of expression to which we are becoming accustomed,’s format is clearly onto something. As for its vision; we can hope.