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Vladimir Nabokov already knew what the world of sunglasses would think when he photographed his beautiful Lolita with striking lenses on a heart-shaped frame. And in the last few months we have gone from conventional models, square, round or pear, to get engaged in tutorials on how to customize that great accessory in our wardrobe which is already called a cult object.

And the ocular brands such as The Crystal Cult, Midas & Moros or Her Tiny Teeth have made us put aside the idea of glasses as a disguise and start to see bolder glasses in our streets, corners and squares. With creations such as retro, vintage, pin-up and kitsch, it is very hard not to have a pair … of glasses, of course!

Their models are flirty, full of details, incrustations, fantasy and tons of imagination. Suitable for all audiences and ages, and certainly one of the most important accessories in this era of unfortunately dry innovation.

Everything from stars, roses and crystals to chains, studs and colourful beads makes these glasses authentic museum pieces, worthy of the golden Hollywood of the Roaring ’20s, or tad sassy divas.

We invite you to visit their online stores or investigate via Pinterest how to customize some that you don’t use. Welcome to the era of recycling!